The Reverend Laurie Bushbaum

The Two Rivers UU Board of Trustees and the Search Committee are thrilled to announce that Rev. Laurie Bushbaum has agreed to serve as three-quarter-time contract minister for TRUU. Her term will take us through the standard church year ending on June 30, 2020. To reach Rev. Bushbaum, contact her at:

Rev. Bushbaum has served as a UU minister in both settled and Interim positions for more than 30 years, mostly in and around the upper Midwest near her home in Minneapolis, MN. 

She was considering retirement, but then heard that a friendly congregation in the Colorado mountains was still in search of a minister. Rev. Bushbaum then contacted TRUU’s Search Committee in late summer. Here’s a link to a story in our local Carbondale, Colorado newspaper about Laurie’s arrival.

Rev. Bushbaum is a talented preacher, a committed social justice activist (with special interests in environment justice and racial reconciliation) and a beloved and enthusiastic participant in religious exploration programs of all ages. She’s also an avid outdoor enthusiast and an accomplished fabric artist.

Read more about Rev. Bushbaum here.

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