April Thoughts from our Board President

I enjoyed seeing so many of you at the March 17th celebration. We have certainly accomplished much this year and with your continued gifts of time, talent and financial support, we can only hope to continue to grow in numbers and in our impact as we strive to transform ourselves and the world around us. Your contributions to the visioning process resulted in some wonderful goals and in a five year vision for TRUU. Please read TRUU’s Resource Development Packet to review our accomplishments and goals as you make your pledge.

You may have read or heard about the newly formed Ministerial Search Team. Your TRUU Board made Gretchen a good faith offer to continue as our half time consulting minister for next year. She is considering all of her options. So, working together to insure that there is continuity of ministry, Gretchen encouraged the Board to write a position description for a half time consulting minister to distribute not only in our own Mountain Desert District but also throughout the United States. Working together, we want the best for both the congregation and for Gretchen who has served us well. Gretchen will share more information as her future becomes clear. Meanwhile the ministerial search team will be sending out the position announcement on April 1st and we’ll keep you posted.

Thelma Zabel