Author: Florence Caplow

Letter from Florence

Florence Caplow was the Minister of Two Rivers Unitarian Universalist from 2015-2016. She wrote with an update of how she is doing and what’s going on! Read below:

Dear beloved beautiful people of TRUU – I’m writing with my greetings and blessings at the beginning of … read more.

Minister’s Reflections

Well, it’s been quite the year – so much enthusiasm, vitality, and great energy. I want to thank each one of you for what you have brought to TRUU this year, and for supporting me in my first year of ministry. I will carry you … read more.

Minister’s Musings

It’s June, and I am aware that I am in the final weeks of my time with you.This year together has gone so fast, and has been so joyful, that it’s hard to believe that it is almost past. I feel such gratitude for all … read more.