Author: Stephan Papa

Minister’s Reflections

The service on Sunday, June 21, was beautiful, memorable! Thank you for the roses, wind chimes, portrait, and the poster board cards from the children wishing me a long, happy, and healthy life. I loved their singing for me the song we usually sing for … read more.

Minister’s Reflections – June 2015

It is going to be hard to say good-bye because I have really enjoyed getting to know you these last two years. TRUU is a dynamic and warmly welcoming community composed of very interesting and caring people. It has been an honor and pleasure to … read more.

Minister’s Reflections – May 2015

Adjusting to change in society can be challenging. Some of the changes such as that of marriage equality are welcomed; and some changes are still sorely needed such as that of racial justice and economic equality, but change in general is challenging; new technology is … read more.

Minister’s Reflections – April 2015

Henry David Thoreau wrote, “We loiter in winter when it is already spring.” Spring always comes as a surprise. One day I am skiing, the next gardening. I’m not complaining, just describing. It is the change from one way of being (bundled up, defensive versus … read more.

Minister’s Reflections – March 2015

As Two Rivers Unitarian Universalist enters a time of transition, I cannot help but look back with gratitude and forward with hope. What first attracted me to TRUU was our shared purpose of working for the future of Unitarian Universalism. And then there is the … read more.

Minister’s Reflections – February 2015

Our Worship Theme for February: Rights of Conscience and the Democratic Process    —–  

It was suggested that I share this reading from last month’s Spirit in Practice class titled, “The Shape of the Spirit” by Erik Walker Wikstrom.

“After many years of being out … read more.

Minister’s Reflections – November 2014

I have been watching young people play soccer this fall and admire their dedication and that of their parents. It probably is more fun than Sunday School, but we offer a team sport too, and moral and spiritual development; unfortunately, their effects are not as … read more.