Beauty of Being

A double tailed swallowtail, I had never seen one before in my life. Running into the launch pad to tell my daughter I would be on another errand as she came home while a friend waited for me, there it was. Just resting there above the door frame, amongst cobwebs and dead ants. I showed it to my daughter, who of course already knows it all, and told me that I’m being silly to get so excited about a butterfly. I made my friend get out of their car to come and look at it, even though we were already late.

There is a beauty in the butterfly, in the rivers, and in the mountains that we can all have whenever we want it. I see it in people all the time. It is not in ornate dress or expensive design. It is when we just ‘be’. Our fullest, most radiant, and yet simple self. To me, that is what is so striking about these beautiful things, is that the butterflies always put out their brightest colors wherever they land. The clouds just pass over mountains and they remain still. Rivers find the easiest ways to bring the waters across the land.

In people it is so gorgeous when they just speak their mind. When they know what will bring themselves and those they care about deep joy. When no one apologizes or minimizes who they are or what they think. They own themselves, like the butterfly resting. Do you ever see this beauty in another person? Do you take a moment and give praise for the person who is, just as they have always been? Can you see it in their eyes, especially if you are looking at yourself in the mirror? I give thanks for so many of you who just are who you are, and am so glad I can see your colors as brilliant as this butterfly.