Our mission statement talks about us creating “a caring and open-minded community.”

That’s something we do in many ways. Drop into our Sunday service and you will be warmly welcomed, whatever your age, gender and partner choice, marital and family status, financial status, citizen and/or previous religious affiliation (or lack thereof). In our congregation, you will find singles, straight and gay couples, families and children.

Our annual “TRUU Chicks” women’s camping retreat. This one took place near Ruedi Reservoir.

You may be surprised how many visible and influential folks from the Roaring Fork Valley have been drawn to our congregation. TRUU is fortunate to have in its community quite a few physicians, attorneys, writers, artists, musicians, teachers, civic planners and business people. If you’ve been here awhile, you probably know many of them, and if you’re new to the area, you’re likely to meet them soon.

What binds them together is a liberal orientation and a desire to continually learn how to live a more ethical, humane and meaningful life. Those are tasks best accomplished in community. That’s why, each Sunday, we recite this shared covenant together:

“Love is the spirit of this community, and service is its law. This is our covenant: to seek the truth in love, to dwell together in peace, and to help one another.”

What our covenant looks like in practice.

While we love getting together on Sunday mornings, we have developed many other ways to work together to build community, and build ties of friendship that enrich our lives. Some of these opportunities include:

Spiral dance around the bonfire at TRUU’s annual Winter Solstice celebration.
  • Book Club – Meeting once a month, book club members enjoy such reads as The Slums of Aspen and The Girls of Atomic City. With captivating content and stimulating discussion, the book club is a great way to keep your mind sharp!
  • Caring Committee –  Sometimes, when folks have surgery or an unexpected accident, we respond with visits, meals, cards, and rides.
  • Circle Suppers – Every month, those wishing to participate gather in each other’s homes for informal potlucks and conversation.
  • Music and Choir – Those who are musically inclined often contribute their talents to our services. We also have close ties to the Cowboy Corral, and have a holiday Childrens’ Choir.
  • Religious Exploration – Adults and youth need opportunities to grow in spirit and to learn about things like world religions, nature, and the history of our shared faith.
  • Social Action – From fighting for Standing Rock to migrant rights, civil rights for GLBTQAI+, racial justice, and reproductive choice, you will find TRUU members involved in matters of conscience in our valley and beyong. On the 5th Mondays, we also provide a meal to those in need.
  • Worship Associates – About half a dozen of our members take regular turns in helping our minister design and deliver worship services. It’s a wonderful way for those who like writing and public speaking to become involved in shared spiritual experience.

In addition, we welcome TRUU friends and members to pitch in on special events like our Winter Solstice celebration, group hikes and ski trips and camping retreats.

Winners of our annual chili cookoff competition. Judged by the Cowboy Corral – many of those cowboys ride the Sunday range with TRUU.