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Becoming a Member of TRUU

Like other Unitarian Universalist congregations, TRUU does not expect members to share a single creed, dogma, belief system or one true way, but rather welcomes a breadth of belief and uncertainty. We view membership as a choice grounded in integrity that embraces intelligence and conscience, and does not require anyone to set aside their own history or affiliations. We aim to create a larger truth that emerges when we bring our hearts, minds, and hands together.

Joining also means that you will support our church and its programs. Members are expected to sign the membership book, take an active role in congregational life, and to make financial contributions annually. (TRUU pays the Unitarian Universalist Association $80 a year for each of its members, which gives them the UU World magazine and allows them to participate in denominational activities.)

We also pass a collection plate during our Sunday services. Some people place their pledge checks (in envelopes marked “pledge”) into the plate. Some people donate cash. Some TRUU believers contribute to the plate in addition to making a pledge, and many thanks to them. Our services are also live-streamed on Facebook, and during those services, we encourage viewers to make a donation via Paypal.

A yearly pledge should at least cover the cost that TRUU pays to the Unitarian Universalist Association, but true stewardship also considers the fact that TRUU pays rental at Third Street Center for rooms for children’s religious education and for Sunday worship services, plus a minister’s salary and part-time office help. Your generosity is both appreciated and essential to the well-being of the congregation.

What we do here to create community and connect to our larger community in the valley

We work to accomplish our congregation’s mission.  Contributing your time and talents creates a sense of belonging and accomplishment as you can see your work transform the lives of others and yourself.  If you would like to join our congregation, contact our Minister.

Get to Know Us – Activities Open to All

You need not be a member to get to know TRUU and its community. We have many activities that are open to anyone who wants to participate. To participate in any of these interests, contact the person named for the committee or interest.