To get small groups of UUs  together once a month, usually the third Saturday, for brunch, lunch, or most often dinner.   Many of this find this one of the most enjoyable parts of TRUU, getting together with like-minded people in a social setting, and getting to know each other better.


Several individuals and couples have agreed to be hosts, and we have enough hosts that they will only have to host a few times a year.  I will assign hosts early each month, but will call first to be sure the hosts will be able to host that month.  Guests will then be assigned to each host, and  I will try to keep the groups small enough for good group conversation—about 6 guests per host.  Hosts usually provide the main dish and drinks, although often guests bring a bottle of wine.  Hosts should call their guests early on, to be sure they will be able to attend, and if some can’t hosts should call me so I can assign subs.

We have a list of regulars who like to attend most every month, and a list of subs who only want to attend occasionally.

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