As Unitarian Universalists, We Embrace Feminism

Once, Carolyn McDade was tasked to create a women’s service – and realized that there was no music she could play at the service.
Even in Unitarian Universalism, there were no songs that affirmed women, called to them, supported them in their struggles for equality and liberation. This led to a life-long career in ritual and song making and gave us the songs “Spirit of Life”, “We’ll Build a Land” and “Come Sing A Song With Me”.
She was part of the women’s revolution in Unitarian Universalism, in which many songs, hymns, readings, and rituals were written to be more inclusive of all of us along the gender binary.
Read more about her life in this UU World article: and let us give thanks for those who came before us to make our faith tradition a home for women’s equality!
Warmly, Rev. Shawna Foster