Bring Yourself New Joy

I’m probably happiest holding a baby. When there is a little bundle of joy to coo at or a wriggly happy body babbling at the world I feel great. Of course, now that my children are 9 and 12 it’s a little hard to just grab a baby for a pick-me-up when I need a little bit of joy in my life. And you might be in the same situation – you know exactly what brings you joy but it’s hard to get it whenever you want. For me, I’ve had to expand my sense of joy and find it in just more than one thing. Having a regular spiritual practice and attending the congregation on Sundays helps me find more things to delight in. Hopefully, you feel the same! This week, take care to notice the things that make you joyful, and spend some time with them. And may you find joy in something new!

Rev. Shawna Foster