Rescuing Refugees: Our Legacy

When something is profound, it takes on layers of meaning. It possesses a timeless quality where it is just as relevant today as it was years ago.
Like the story of Martha and Waitstill Sharp, the Unitarian couple sent to  Europe during World War II to free thousands of refugees. (Watch the thrilling documentary here). (link: )
In this story, hateful rhetoric demonizes people from a minority religion, millions of refugees flood through Europe with their families, many people are asked to help though few answer the call, and courageous people organize to do the best they can with what they have.
I watched this movie with my children. Afterward, my kids sighed with relief. “That was so long ago! I’m glad that war is over,” my daughter said. They had to know the truth. I replied “Today there are ten million refugees from the Syrian civil war. They are trying to escape to Europe. While Germany promised to take in one million people, the United States will only accept 10,000. And many politicians say that these refugees are scary people because of their religion.”
My daughter was horrified. “Why did Germany learn their lesson, and we did not?”
The story of Martha and Waitstill Sharp did not end with the end of World War II. It is just as relevant today as it was years ago. What is your part in the story?
Rev. Shawna Foster