Getting to Know You – Rev. Stephan Papa

Many years ago, I chose to go into the Unitarian Universalist ministry because I wanted to help make the world a better place and to keep learning and growing.  As a UU that is what you have to do—to practice your faith.  After thirty-seven years, I am still learning how to make the world a better place, and still appreciate the opportunity afforded me in the UU ministry.

One of the privileges of being a Unitarian Universalist minister is getting to know Unitarian Universalists; they are interesting people; they think about things and they care about others.

As Unitarian Universalists, we share common values and principles, liberal ones.  The theological diversity of our religious community is unique; it makes for a learning experience.  We prioritize being honest in our beliefs and being actively engaged in making a better community and more fair society.  We also support one another and others in our everyday lives and in times of need.

I know something about Unitarian Universalism, but what I want now is to learn about you: what you have experienced, learned, believe, why you care.

Starting August 15, I will be your part-time minister.  Although I will continue to live in Denver, I will definitely be in Carbondale conducting services on the first and third Sundays of the month (except for September when it will be the second and third) for long weekends—and I will be available any time of the month you need me.

My favorite part of the ministry is pastoral care—getting to know you and trying to be of some assistance to you.  So please invite me to coffee, lunch, or dinner, and feel free to call me (my cell number is 775-3996 – area code 303), or email me at revstephanpapa (at)

Ministry means to serve; I serve you as you put together your lives, and I serve Unitarian Universalism, as it cares for the earth, works to create caring communities, and a more just and peaceful world.

Thank you to the members of TRUU for giving me this opportunity to learn about you, your congregation and community, and what good we can do together.  I look forward to it.