“Latham’s Lens”

Nail Ministries

by Rev. Robert Latham ——

We are all familiar with the story of the horse that lost the race because its shoe fell off because a nail that was critical to holding it in place was not secure.  It is the traditional tale that underscores the importance of the seemingly inconsequential thing in life that is sometimes taken for granted and, thus, ignored until it is too late and something it makes happen is lost.

When we see the steed and its rider charging across the congregational stage and are admiring of the contribution being made to the ministry of the congregation by this public display, we should keep in mind the nail ministries that make the charge possible.

There are countless individuals, groups and committees that comprise these nail ministries. Such ministries are, more often than not, faithfully engaged over long periods of time with minimal public recognition.  They are engaged because the folks doing them recognize their importance and how consequentially they contribute to making the steed’s charge a possibility.  Their devotion is selfless in respect to public acknowledgment.  They commit because they simply recognize the task’s necessity.  Fulfillment of the necessity is their gratification.

Those of us who often ride the steed know what makes this riding possible and know that without the countless investments made to the nail ministries that the ride would soon be lost.

I could not possibly begin to name all of these ministries.  However, you know who your are and I salute you!