March Thoughts from our Board President

So What’s Next?

Thanks to many of you, we had a very successful Visioning Party last Sunday with almost 30 people attending. Six groups met to plan for TRUU’s future. These were the six topics they discussed:  Spiritual Growth, Belonging and Connectedness, Family Integration and Multi-Generational Programming, Social Justice, Community Visibility, and Sustainable Presence. This visioning exercise was the culmination of several months of personal interviews to find out what your hopes and dreams for this congregation are.

So what happens next? The board will review the proposals made by each group this coming Monday night and you will hear about these proposals and how we plan to implement them at the TRUU Green Gala on St. Patrick’s Day. Come help celebrate all that we have accomplished this year and then look to the future. The visions that we all have for the future will become reality because of your stewardship. “Stewardship is about taking care of something we value and enabling it to grow. When we become stewards, we take responsibility and contribute our time, talent and treasure.” (

If you value TRUU and want to see it grow, please join us on March 17th.

Thelma Zabel