Minister’s Musings

It’s June, and I am aware that I am in the final weeks of my time with you.This year together has gone so fast, and has been so joyful, that it’s hard to believe that it is almost past. I feel such gratitude for all the ways you have opened your lives and hearts to me, and all the adventures we have shared, and the beautiful spirit of this congregation. I know that soon you will have another minister you will love and who will love you, and I will be leaving, and that’s the way of things, but I also know that you will always be part of my ministry, and that every time I put on my spectacular stole, that work of art by Nicolette Toussaint and Katie Marshall, I will think of you in your green valley at the feet of Mount Sopris. In these last weeks, please know that I am still fully available, to talk, go for a walk, have coffee or a meal together. I will be in the pulpit every Sunday between now and the end of June, so we can connect on Sunday as well. Saying goodbye is one of life’s hardest, but most important, lessons. Let’s practice together, knowing that this is one of many transformations that make up each of our lives.