Minister’s Musings

Is it really December? Hanukkah, Buddha’s Enlightenment Day, Solstice and Christmas around the corner? But when I look outside at the snowy hills, or get dressed in layers of fleece and down to walk to the bus, I’m convinced it’s December! For the month of December, our spiritual theme will be Forgiveness, and this newsletter has a link to the Touchstones journal on forgiveness. I’m looking forward to exploring this with you. We tend to think of forgiveness in terms of “shoulds”: I should forgive, they should forgive me. But what if we saw forgiveness as a process and an ongoing practice, and the need for forgiveness and repair of relationships as a part of human life, since we live in families and communities and bump up against each other every day in various ways? And there is also self-forgiveness, since for many of us, the person we are hardest on is ourselves. Who would you like to forgive, just a little bit, today? Who do you wish could forgive you?