Minister’s Reflections – April 2015

Henry David Thoreau wrote, “We loiter in winter when it is already spring.” Spring always comes as a surprise. One day I am skiing, the next gardening. I’m not complaining, just describing. It is the change from one way of being (bundled up, defensive versus optimistic and in short sleeves, for example) for which I was not quite ready that is a little challenging. Easter celebrates a surprise also: An astonishing story of how love can transcend difficulties, differences, even death. Passover celebrates an unexpected wonder as well. People oppressed by the standing order were spared from further devastation, found manna in the wilderness, and freedom. Maybe there is more to life, more opportunities for goodness and love, than we know. It’s spring; we have freedom and love; we might as well renew our spirits, accept this gift of life, and use it to instill more signs of hope, joy, peace and justice. Enjoy!


Rev. Stephan Papa