Minister’s Reflections – August 10, 2015

I want to thank you for the enthusiastic welcome, lovely potluck, and great turnout (73 people!) on Sunday the 9th for my first service. As many of you know, I drove from Washington State and arrived on Friday afternoon. As I was driving across the country I was in conversation with Heather and Jimmy and Chris Coyle, planning the service, and I must say, I was totally impressed with every one of them. I look forward to collaborating with Heather and Jimmy and other members of the worship committee in the future. Nicolette and I will be working on the service for the 16th, and we will be experimenting with a short homily (brief words) from the worship associate on the theme, which will be Mountains and Rivers. We are also hoping to post audio of the sermon online, for those who have to miss a particular Sunday for some reason.
This is a truly beautiful place. As I sit here in my little apartment in Basalt, I can see the hills and the deep blue sky, and hear the Roaring Fork River nearby. I feel such gratitude for being here. For the second half of August I’ll be in California teaching from my book, The Hidden Lamp: Stories from Twenty Five Centuries of Awakened Women, but when I come back in early September I look forward to having tea or coffee with many of you, and learning more about your lives, what brought you here to the valley and to UU, and your hopes and dreams for TRUU.
Blessings, Florence