Minister’s Reflections – December 2014

The seasons certainly are changing. As a skier I am happy to see the snow, but some changes I don’t accept so readily. I am sorry to see Jim and Jan Kosglow moving back to Boise, happy their life is going forward, grateful for the many gifts of love, conversation, and inspiration they have given us, and comforted by the likelihood of seeing them again sometime. And, I am aware of how fortunate we are that we continue to attract new members with gifts of equal measure.

TRUU is a caring and dynamic community; we go forward; we find inner strength; we celebrate the goodness we share, and cultivate the vision of what we can be for one another and our wider community. As we approach this holiday season, let us focus not on what has changed, and not on ourselves alone, but in the spirit of the season of giving let us focus on what we can do to create a more caring community and world.

Rev. Stephan Papa