Minister’s Reflections – Feb 2014

It has been a pleasure to get to know the thoughtful people who attended my classes on Unitarian Universalism; they are fun, interesting, and inspirational!  In the last class, “Self-Defense for UUs,” they were asked to write a sentence (or two) they could say in response to the question, “What is Unitarian Universalism?” Here are their answers:

  1. “Unitarian Universalism is a religious organization that recognizes multiple pathways to the holy.” Jim Kosglow
  2.  “We are a religion that believes the divine can be found within all people and things and that truth is ever unfolding.”  Sue C.
  3.  “A religious organization with a 400 year history that recognizes multiple paths to the holy.”  Susan C.
  4.  “A religion that believes in the freedom of the individual to search for truth and meaning.” Pat S.
  5.  “A religious group which looks for unity in many philosophies and religions and many men and women.” Carolyn N.
  6. “A religion that recognizes many sources for spiritual and life-affirming wisdom and that encourages participants to use them in their always widening search for truth and meaning.”  Bill S.
  7. “A spiritual community where people have values consistent with mine, that draws from all wisdom traditions, where we are encouraged to question and to make the world a better place, and that imposes no requirements as to creed or belief.” Sue E.
  8. “Unitarian Universalism is a religion without a creed or doctrine. Its draws from all mankind’s great spiritual leaders and thinkers for its direction and guidance. It’s based on seven principles, the essence of which are reason, tolerance, freedom, respect for the earth and all living things, service, and love.” Chris C.
  9. “A religious community that embraces religious freedom of belief in the search for truth and meaning and through living lives of love, compassion, and tolerance.”  Mark K.
  10.  “Unitarian Universalism is a pathway to self- discovery love for other beings, and personal spirituality that honors diversity and tolerance above all and the belief that actions speak louder than words.”  Janet R.
  11. “We strive for acceptance, tolerance and compassion for others as well as ourselves.  We are advocates for social justice and the environment.”  Mia W.
  12. “We are a religious community of individuals who are in a continuous search in life and our role in this existence.”  Barbara C.
  13. “As a Unitarian Universalists my faith is based on love and humanism that encompasses the wise teachings of many faiths and is compatible with science.”  Georgia H.
  14. “Unitarian Universalism is a religion that draws spiritual wisdom from many sources including science to explore the divine and to promote love and kindness toward all humans and all of life on earth.”  Trina H.
  15. “We UUs share a faith that embraces the universal wisdom of many religions and incorporates their teachings and scientific reasoning in our search for the answer to the divine in human existence and the universe.”  Kate F.
  16. “Unitarian Universalism allows me to follow my own path to do right.” Herb F.
  17. “We believe in the goodness of life, the “interdependent web of all existence,” and the responsibility to extend its goodness to others.”  Stephan P.

You are invited to develop your answer and to share this life affirming faith.

Rev. Stephan Papa