Minister’s Reflections for August 2014

Aren’t we lucky to live in Colorado?  I have been out hiking, biking, gardening, fishing, swimming even!  These summer experiences lead me to feel more at home in nature as the last twelve months have lead me to feel at home with you.  I have a growing appreciation of nature and of Two Rivers Unitarian Universalist too.  I can see nature’s fragility and its strength, and TRUU’s.  With capable and committed members you have created a source of inspiration, a learning community, whose members care for one another, for truth, for justice, for other people in the Roaring Fork Valley and beyond.  It has been valuable for me to have a break, to get out of my routine, to make time to feel the sustaining power of nature, family, and friends, but I look forward to being with you in community again and to the church year ahead.  As we approach August 17th and then Homecoming Sunday on August 24th, I hope your summer experiences lead you to a greater appreciation of life and of the TRUU community too, as there is more good we can do together.


PS I will be back for the church year, but I will be out of the country from August 27 through September 6.