Minister’s Reflections for June 2014

The Schermers are leaving, the Schermers are leaving!  And, yes, we will miss them, and, yes, it is a great loss because they have done so much for us and because they are such amazing people!  For years Cathy and Mike have been instrumental in making TRUU a welcoming community by managing the membership committee, by setting out the sign, moving tables back and forth setting up and putting away the chairs for our services, organizing the Circle Suppers and services auction, all the while skiing, creating art, cheering the Broncos, and caring for their family.  They are moving to care for their family, and we realized how blessed we have been to have had them with us.

The Board, the Leadership Development Committee, individual members like Janver Derrington, Sue Edelstein, Greg Feinsinger, Chris Coyle and Pat Seydel are stepping up to manage the many things the Schermers did for us.  It is clear the sky is not falling; we are still blessed with caring, committed members that continue to make TRUU a welcoming, wonderful congregation.  It is a pleasure to see this, and to plan on serving another year as your consulting minister.

My current contract goes through June 15; my new contract starts on August 15.  In the meantime, I will be on vacation (visiting my mother in WI, and going to Lake Powell with family and friends), but most of the time I will be home so call or email me if you need me, as I will continue to be thinking about you, and about the year ahead.

The Worship Committee will be offering interesting services every Sunday this summer.  Remember to bring water from your summer experiences for our Water Communion on August 24.  When we gather then, we will be missing some people we love and admire, but clearly we have more such people to appreciate, and more to welcome to our caring community as together we create a more just and peaceful world.