Minister’s Reflections for October 2014

What does it mean to be a member of a religious community and why are so many people afraid of making that commitment?  It means that you like the people and their approach to life—and that you want to move your relationship beyond the casual level to get to know more about them and this way in religion.  It means that you decided to devote some time to your spiritual and moral development, and that connecting with this community may be the best way for you to do that.

It appears to me that the main reasons people are reluctant to make the commitment of membership are because they are busy, imagine they can do that development in other ways, and are afraid too much will be asked of them.  Indeed, it seems that everyone is busy; the question is doing what, which is a question of priorities, values.  Developing spirituality, meaning, and ethical living adds to ones quality of life as well as making it better for others.  There are other opportunities for connection and growth and I hope you commit to one that will bring out the best in you as I know our community can do. 

Our approach to spiritual and moral development is unique because it is holistic: It affirms the intellect (values education), the emotions (their honesty and power), and that your actions (how you live your life) indicate what you really believe.  All this makes for a wonderful community of interesting people with whom you will be able to celebrate the joys and be supported through the challenges of life, and learn how to live a good and honest one.

What are we asking of you?  To deepen your experience with TRUU by becoming a member, which means signing the membership book, making a financial pledge, and helping in some way to make ours a more caring community and world. 

If you are willing to deepen your experience and become a member, email Stephan at or call him at 303.775.3996, and come at 9:30 this Sunday to sign the book, fill out the form, and be recognized in the service.