Minister’s Reflections – March 2015

As Two Rivers Unitarian Universalist enters a time of transition, I cannot help but look back with gratitude and forward with hope. What first attracted me to TRUU was our shared purpose of working for the future of Unitarian Universalism. And then there is the place! The Roaring Fork Valley is beautiful. I love the mountains, the rivers, the hiking, the skiing, and Mount Sopris, whose majestic presence has come to feel like the very center-point of the planet to me. And then there are the people—gracious, gregarious, interesting and interested, capable and committed. You have created a wonderful community. It is an honor and pleasure to serve the last two years of my ministry in your company.


TRUU is a caring community, welcoming diversity, and offering support, education, and inspiration. The volunteer leaders on the Board and committees, Heather in religious education, and Jimmy with music, all work diligently and creatively to provide excellent programs and opportunities for spiritual growth, service, and social change. Like Sopris, TRUU is a valuable presence in the Valley. This is because members give of their time, talent, and money to make it so.


Like Sopris, TRUU won’t erode away any time soon, in fact, it is growing, and has an opportunity thanks to a promised gift from the Calaways to make a great leap forward in the services it provides by having a minister who will live in the Valley. This will happen if all of the members and the friends of Two Rivers Unitarian Universalist give generously to the vision of becoming even more valuable to one another, to the Valley, and beyond. For the new minister to be part of your purpose, you need to be part of the process, and to give liberally.


I have been fortunate to have spent two years with you. You are fortunate to have one another and the prospect of a minister who will do more than visit. As Will Rogers said, “I can remember when a liberal was one who was generous with their own money.” It is time for all of you to be generous for the future of TRUU. Because I care about its future too I thank you.


Rev. Stephan Papa