Part of all existence – even during a wildfire

I’ve written a lot about the wildfire, I know, but it’s hard to stop thinking about it when we can see a plume blotting out the sun every day. A dread rises as the column of ash blows across the sky – is this what we can expect from global warming from now on? Will the wind change direction? Are there animals running for their lives away from the front line of the fire like in Bambi? Will we be ok?

Far greater than this dread is the love of our community. The firefighters who saved hundreds of homes in El Jebel. The millions of dollars spent fighting the fire. The thousands raised by our community to help each other. Those who housed each other. The quick facebook messages and text alerts about what to expect next. Those who called and asked Are you okay? Are you okay?

We are doing okay, well, as long as we have each other. One of the ways that we act as Unitarian Universalists is by housing one another, being there, calling each other. As a congregation, we each take part. And as a collective, we also give generously to help our communities.

Two Rivers Unitarian Universalist has given over $5,000 last year to many organizations through our “Share The Plate” program. To the Valley Settlement Project, Planned Parenthood, Colorado Animal Rescue, Habitat For Humanity – to name a few. And when we needed help, our Unitarian Universalist Association generously helped us.

We received $10,000 to help people in our congregation and those who are overlooked in FEMA disasters. Through these funds, we’ve decided to give to firefighters, those who lost their homes, our members affected by the fire, and to undocumented people who are not eligible for federal, state, or country government funds. As the fire is not over yet, we’ve kept a small reserve to be used in case something else happens, and someone needs help. (And if you need something – get in touch with our minister so we can help!)

Nothing is so dreadful as watching a fire in the night blow towards your home. Yet we can afford to be brave, knowing that we are held in love by this community and our Unitarian Universalist relatives who have funds set aside for those in need. Thank you for being a wonderful member of this community, and may this love we share comfort you until the fire is out!