Update: Sandra’s asylum case was denied, but she’s not out of legal options. Please donate to her legal fund here:

You can also mail a check to: Two Rivers Unitarian Universalist, 520 S 3rd St #23, Carbondale CO 81623. Please put “Sanctuary” or “Sandra Lopez” in the memo line.

Stop Sandra from being deported!

¡Detenga a Sandra de ser deportada!

Sandra Lopez is a beloved member of our community in the Roaring Fork Valley, Colorado. On October 19th, 2017, Sandra left her home, job, and family to take Sanctuary from our unjust deportation system. Help Sandra as she fights to stay here with her family.

Sandra Lopez es un miembro muy querido de nuestra comunidad del Roaring Fork Valley, Colorado. El 19 de octubre de 2017, Sandra dejó su hogar, su trabajo y su familia para buscar a Sanctuary de nuestro sistema de deportación injusto. Su apoyo fortaleza a Sandra mientras lucha para quedarse aquí con su familia.

Thanks to all of the media outlets who’ve covered this story so far:

Desperate To Avoid Deportation, She Hasn’t Left Sanctuary For 8 Months NPR

Immigrant leader takes sanctuary at Carbondale church: Denver Post
September 2017:
June 2017:
May 2017:
April 2017:
Would you harbor me?

Would I harbor you?

Would you harbor me?

Would I harbor you?

Would you harbor a Christian, a Muslim, a Jew

a heretic, convict or spy?

Would you harbor a run away woman, or child,

a poet, a prophet, a king?

Would you harbor an exile, or a refugee,

a person living with AIDS?

Would you harbor a Tubman, a Garrett, a Truth

a fugitive or a slave?

Would you harbor a Haitian Korean or Czech,

a lesbian or a gay?

Would you harbor me?

Would I harbor you?

Would you harbor me?

Would I harbor you?

(Words and music by Ysaye M. Barnwell, (C) 1994 Barnwell’s Notes Publishing, recorded by Sweet Honey in the Rock (R).


March 2017:

The urgent issue of sanctuary is a drumbeat of action for our community. With so many people we know and care for having a different citizenship status, many in our community are in fear. Making plans for their children should they be deported. Worried that our schools might be raided. Afraid to contact the police because while the police promises to help, everyone knows it’s a risk too great to bear.

Listening to the Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition and people who are living in this valley, they have asked us for very specific ways to help:

1 – Get businesses to endorse driver’s licenses for undocumented people. – read more here

2 – Attend a training to learn how to be a hotline operator in Colorado. People who are under deportation proceedings will call the hotline. Spanish is helpful but not necessary. This training will be on April 1, 9am-3pm at the Third Street Center and April 2, 1pm-5pm at the center. More information on what the hotline is –

3 – Accompany people to their deportation proceedings. The situation changes when a citizen comes to bear witness for a person in danger of being forcibly removed from their homes. The training for this is at the same time/place as the training listed in step #2.

4 – Become a supporting sanctuary. While it may be difficult for us, who rent from a community center, to offer sanctuary to a family under threat of deportation, we can assist other congregations who are ready to protect undocumented families in this way. This would be in helping with legal advice, raising funds, or even having dinner with someone who is taking sanctuary.

5 – Offer sanctuary. For us at Two Rivers, we would have to start with a fundraiser to get a shower for the Third Street Center and work with the city of Carbondale to obtain the correct permission to harbor someone in our TRUU space.

The other step we’ve been asked to take by the latino community in Denver is to join them for a lobby day this upcoming Monday on March 6th. Training for this will be on Sunday, March 5th, starting at noon.

There are so many different ways that we can resist and protect our community. Will you, with me, work to harbor everyone in this valley?