Bond Funds for Carbondale Man Needed Immediately

Ismael Escobedo is a roofer who has lived in the US for five years. In 2019, he was engaged to a woman, Fabiola, and has become the father figure to her 8-year old son, as well as their primary provider.
Last August, he was arrested for auto vehicle theft. He was borrowing a car that belonged to his friend’s wife; out of some combination of misunderstanding and spite, she chose to report him to the police.
Ismael was appearing at his county court hearing when two plain-clothed agents of Immigration and Customs Enforcement detained him. ICE can scan the court docket for felony defendants with Spanish surnames, looking for undocumented persons. Ismael has been held in the for-profit GEO Group detention center in Aurora since October.

Center staff are abusive. They arbitrarily disconnect his calls to his fiancée.

But Ismael was never convicted of a crime. Our government is arresting and jailing innocent people simply for lacking papers. They are just like you and I—they want to work and support their families. They happen to be from a poor country with little to no chance of obtaining permission to come to the U.S.

Fabiola reached out to the Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition, which contacted us, the Sanctuary Committee of TRUU. We secured Ismael a pro-bono lawyer thanks to the Rocky Mountain Immigrant Advocacy Network. That lawyer succeeded in convincing the judge to award Ismael a bond for his release. However, the judge did not grant us much time.

The bond is set at $8000 dollars and it’d due on Jan. 29 — just days away!

We are now raising money in conjunction with the Immigrant Freedom Fund of Loveland, CO (in turn, sponsored by the Namaqua Unitarian-Universalist community!) Detainees who bond out are 8 times more likely to resolve their immigration cases and are able to continue working and contributing to sales, income and property taxes. More importantly, they are reunited with their families and communities. Please donate to Ismael’s bond fund.

Visit and click on the “Donate” button.

You may donate through PayPal or with a credit or debit card. Ismael is first in line for receiving funds. But consider contributing what you can to also benefit other detainees. Ismael will not be the last


Success! Sandra Lopez Stays!


Two Rivers Unitarian Universalist Congregration (TRUU) declared itself a sanctuary congregation and became very involved in the struggle to prevent the deportation of Sandra Lopez, who lived in TRUU’s parsonage for nearly a year.

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