Thanksgiving? Or For-giving?

Erasmus, the father of modern peace theory, believed that a religious awakening was required by any who resisted oppression. If there wasn’t an internal healing to match the external conditions, liberators would quickly become tyrants again.

Consider this as you sit down at the same table with your family who may be across the ideological divide this holiday season.

Where I’m at (with the Native Americans who are resisting the Dakota Access Pipeline being built on their land) this holiday is not called Thanksgiving. It is being called For-giving. Whereas the original holiday was a Thanksgiving of Europeans to the Native Americans because they provided food so that they would not starve, today those same peoples feel that they must forgive. And if Native Peoples can forgive over four-hundred years of genocide and cultural eradication, can invite Anglos to the table once again, in the midst of resistance to a pipeline that has already plowed through their ancestral graveyards to a company that pays fines for oil spills as a part of doing business, what can you forgive? How can you remain curious and appeal to the bedrock values of your family, and mend what politicians have broken?

May you be surrounded by good food and fun, may you be welcome by friendly faces, and may you be able to forgive the unforgivable.