The Life Changing Magic of Letting Go – Rev. Kierstin Homblette Allen

Popular author Marie Kondo teaches about the virtues of de-cluttering your home and letting go of possessions in order to renew your home and life. How can we also apply this wisdom to the sometimes necessary letting go of people, ideas, and ways of being in order to find personal renewal? Come worship together as we explore the virtues of tidying up our spiritual houses.

Rev. Kierstin Homblette Allen is a life-long Unitarian Universalist, raised in Florida and a one time resident of Pittsburgh, Washington DC, Jambo (Senegal), New York City, and now Denver. She is passionate about justice ministry, ice cream, and swimming. She cherishes the gift of worshipping with Unitarian Universalists across Colorado and being an itinerant preacher. She is currently serving at the Delores Project, a homeless shelter in Denver for single women and transgender folks.