To Know and Be Known

Everyone knowing everything that’s happened to you is one of the benefits of living in a small town. Many people are aware I and other fellow veterans were arrested in Senator McCain’s office trying to get him to oppose Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State. (He didn’t meet with us, and he confirmed Rex Tillerson this past Monday). People also know I’m the one who left my camper on 8th street too long and got two notices of impoundment. (Sorry Carbondale police; it’s been moved now).

To know and to be known is one of the great joys of living, and it has been a great joy to know that you know what I’m up to. Many of us at Two Rivers work hard to make a difference daily whether it be through doing our jobs well or talking to that relative about politics when we really don’t want to. I am proud to know all of you and hope that you have an opportunity to make yourself known in our congregation and community.

“It’s nice living in a small town. If you don’t know what you’re doing, someone else surely does.”

Expand your circle of who you know and find new ways to make yourself known to others – especially people you normally would not immediately of! As the only beings on this planet that are self-aware, we have a special need to be recognized and recognize others. It is a unique way to live in this cosmos, as Carl Sagan said, we are a way for the universe to know itself. In this way, may we continue to expand the circle of people we love and trust; building a community and world that we dream about.