To turn towards the things greater than ourselves

Congregations, churches, and houses of faith were packed the week after the election, and people continue to come in greater numbers to these institutions. It is as though the interdependent web is waking up and people are realizing that they need their schools, libraries, police, and government entities more than ever before. People are concerned for their neighbor regardless of documentation status and we are all preparing for a bigot to be president.

Some of us have thrown our weight into election recount efforts, with members of the electoral college saying they won’t honor what has happened in their states on December 15th because they recognize that a demagogue has been elected on a technicality – since Hillary Clinton has won the popular vote by almost 3 million. That the election is so close hurts us greatly – there are too many who voted in fear of their pocketbook instead of in fear of someone who white neo-nazis┬áhave ordained as their leader.

Now is the time to turn towards one another and strengthen our institutions and build community. Political professor and black panther Angela Davis, when asked what we should do in this political climate, said we should build community. As I noted in my sermon she’s not talking about community where we exchange pleasantries in the supermarket; we already have that community! We need the communities that built the underground railroad, that taught children in church basements when education was denied based on their parent’s citizenship status, that will help women get abortions, that will run neo-nazis out of town.

Come build this community at Two Rivers Unitarian Universalist. We have already been strengthening resistance to exploitation by supporting indigenous people at Standing Rock; but we need to strengthen our own congregation. We need Sunday School teachers, greeters, worship associates and a whole host of people to help with the rising tide of people who are waking up to the idea that we might have to fight for the ideals on which this country is based. It is time to turn towards our institutions and the things that are greater than ourselves and build that beloved community.