Transformation of World, Transformation of Self

During these times of incredible change it can be hard to know what to do. What is the state of the world today? What should I be outraged by? What else is there to rebel against?

The transcendentalists offer us spiritual direction in the matters of rebellion. They talk about rebelling against this physical world in order to comply with a Higher Law, the best ideals that we dream about; that we should work towards making real in our lives. So when you are deciding what to do, ask yourself, what spiritual principles do your actions satisfy? What higher laws are you living in accordance with?

Another spiritual leader, Erasmus, said that spiritual transformation was required in order to have a better world. Otherwise, we become what we rebel against. Do you know what your spiritual transformation looks like? Or what it has been like? What would it mean to spiritually transform?

I think that if we are in touch with our highest principles and are conscious of our own transformation, we will have a rock to hold onto in a world of constant swirling changes. Hold this close to your heart as we journey together in an uncertain world.