Next Sunday’s Service

  • "Credit Where Credit Is Due" by Rev. A.G. Norris, Music by Jimmy Byrne (Live In-Person Service, and on Zoom)
  • 03/26/2023

  • Confidence, Credit, Faith… What exactly do we put our Trust in? Rev. Norris reflects on the hallmarks of those ways of living in fullness.   IN-PERSON SAFETY: Due to the low level of Covid and flu in out community, we no longer require masks for in person gatherings. However,  Please feel free to wear a mask for you own personal safety, as is recommended by many health care authorities.   ZOOM INFO: Join Zoom Meeting [...]

Seeking our Next Minister

Reverend Norris will be with us and preaching twice a month through the summer, but his contract will end in August.

TRUU has elected a Ministerial Search Committee and has already begun the process of seeking our next minister. If you would like to contact the search committee, its members are: Bill Spence, Sue Coyle, Thelma Zabel, Trina Haines, and Susan Proctor. Both the Search and Worship Committees are dedicated to keeping services happening every Sunday, sleet or snow, rain or shine.

You will continue to find links for Sunday Zoom broadcasts are in our weekly newsletters; sign up with the blue Newsletter Signup button to right. For help getting into the Zoom meeting, email

Why I Like TRUU…

I like how open-minded TRUU is. Like most Unitarian-Universalist congregations, nearly everyone comes from some other place, some other faith tradition. But they really listen to other views and are ready to update their viewpoints…

I also love how TRUU’s ministers come from really different backgrounds — Rev. Norris was once a prosecuting attorney!

This is a really fascinating group of people.


Build Your Own Theology Class

Beginning in late Feb., Rev. Aaron will be offering, via Zoom, another round of the course Build Your Own Theology.

This 10-week class progressively examines how we make meaning and what we have decided is meaningful in this life. There is light reading and some workshopping involved. No prior knowledge is required, but regular attendance is expected.

Classes will be on Tuesday evenings starting Feb. 21. Email Rev. Norris if you would like to participate.

Upcoming Events

The Rev. Aaron Norris

TRUU welcomes the Reverend Aaron Norris to its pulpit twice a month. You will find the schedule for his in-person sermons under "Upcoming Events" at left. Rev. Norris services are also available via Zoom and live on TRUU's Facebook. An archive of recorded services will be found here. You will also find Rev. Norris' sermons among the TRUU services archived on Facebook.

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