Next Sunday’s Service

  • "Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy!" by Rev. A.G. Norris, Live Music by Jimmy Byrne, Live In-Person Service (and on Zoom)
  • 12/04/2022

  • There is pressure to be happy in this world, especially in the darkest months of the year. Rev. Norris asks "Where does authentic joy come from?" Live Music by Jimmy Byrne. Live In-Person Service and on Zoom.   IN-PERSON SAFETY: TRUU is now back to having live in-person services every Sunday of the month at Third Street Center. Masks are no longer required for attending our in-person events. Please make your decision to wear a [...]

Sunday Morning Services

We're here every Sunday! Rev. Aaron Norris provides Sunday services twice a month. Rev. Norris services are also broadcast on Facebook.

In 2023, we'll also feature a lively line-up of guest speakers and our participatory fellowship services on other Sundays. Every 5th Sunday (when a month has one) is a Social Justice Sunday. Check upcoming services here.

Links for Sunday Zoom broadcasts are in our weekly newsletters; sign up with the blue Newsletter Signup button to right. For help getting into the Zoom meeting, email

Why I Like TRUU…

I like how open-minded TRUU is. Like most Unitarian-Universalist congregations, nearly everyone comes from some other place, some other faith tradition. But they really listen to other views and are ready to update their viewpoints…

I also love how TRUU’s ministers come from really different backgrounds — Rev. Norris was once a prosecuting attorney!

This is a really fascinating group of people.


Upside-Down Solstice 12/18!

Our popular, public and participatory Solstice Celebration, is back! Join us for the "upside down" Solstice, where our nightime celebation takes place in the morning, and where the Worship Associate leads the service where the roles are all scrambled.

We will welcome back the sun with: a pagan ritual honoring the four cardinal directions, a children's Saturnalia story a wreath-and-wishes ritual, a bonfire, spiral dance, caroling and cookies.

Join us live and in-person, Dec. 18 at 10 am.

Upcoming Events

The Rev. Aaron Norris

TRUU welcomes the Reverend Aaron Norris to its pulpit twice a month. You will find the schedule for his in-person sermons under "Upcoming Events" at left. Rev. Norris services are also available via Zoom and live on TRUU's Facebook. An archive of recorded services will be found here. You will also find Rev. Norris' sermons among the TRUU services archived on Facebook.

RSS Unitarian Universalist News

  • Eating As a Spiritual Practice November 21, 2022
    Lóre StevensFood can be an avenue in the struggle against climate change and for climate justice.
    Lóre Stevens
  • From Remorse to Action November 16, 2022
    Jeff MilchenFirst Parish in Portland, Maine, wins Bennett Award for work to support Wabanaki sovereignty.
    Jeff Milchen
  • Meet the UU the Vote Fellows November 7, 2022
    Jeff MilchenThe Legacy Fellowship program builds leadership capacity to advance democracy in 2020 and beyond.
    Jeff Milchen