From the TRUU Board of Trustees Regarding Covid-19 Safety


At our meeting on Tuesday, March 10, the TRUU Board of Trustees agreed to the following suggestions to keep TRUU members and friends safe:

  1. Beginning this Sunday, March 15, we will not be having coffee hour after the Sunday Service.
  2. We leave the decision to attend the Sunday service up to the individual. However, if you decide to attend we request that all attendees adhere to a strategy of social distancing, which would include:
    • keeping a seat between you and other attendees,
    • not shaking hands or hugging,
    • washing your hands in the restrooms of the Third Street Center for 20 seconds before entering the worship space,
    • and covering your coughs and sneezes.
  1.  We recommend that all people at high risk for complications from COVID-19 not attend the Sunday service. This would include anyone over 70 years of age, and anyone with a chronic disease (including, but not limited to, diabetes, COPD, those taking any immuno-suppressing drugs, chronic kidney or liver disease, transplants, cancer, chronic neurologic disease, chronic rheumatologic disease, chronic heart or vascular disease).
  2. Depending on the spread of this epidemic into the general population of the Roaring Fork Valley, we may need to cancel all Sunday services until group meetings are considered to be safe for all attendees by the best medical experts.

Please watch for updates. Please read your TRUU email.

The board is actively discussing means by which the beloved community of TRUU can continue to be supportive of one another and engage in worship together in lieu of these restrictions and possibilities. We recognize that many of our members would be considered to be at high risk for complications from this viral epidemic, but we mean to err on the side of safety and adhere to the best advice currently being given by health authorities.

Thank you all, and please take good care of yourselves.

– The TRUU Board of Trustees


TRUU’s 2019-20 Board of Trustees

President:  Rob Benedetti (509-475-1741)

Vice-President/Secretary: Chris Coyle (970-963-7210)

Treasurer: Penny Ridley (970-379-4513)

Member: Larry Bogatz (970-993-8990)

Member: Dorothea Farris (970-948-9470)

Member: Bruce Wampler (970-945-1590)

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