News from TRUU’s Annual Meeting

Two Rivers UU is very happy to mark some good news:

  • We survived the pandemic, and although attendance shrunk, we still have a strong congregation
  • We continued every-Sunday services throughout the pandemic
  • We continue to have a social justice service in every month that has a 5th Sunday
  • We now offer services both in person and on Zoom
  • We have a balanced budget; it was approved at the meeting
  • Our annual auction exceeded all expectations
  • We have upgraded our computer and sound equipment for Zoom

Full minutes from the meeting are here:

Ministerial Search Committee

Rev. Norris will be finishing his contract in August, and we are beginning the search for a new contract minister. Here’s the list of folks who were elected to the Search Committee:

  • Bill Spence
  • Sue Coyle
  • Thelma Zabel
  • Trina Haines
  • Susan Proctor


TRUU’s 2023 Board of Trustees

President:  Rob Benedetti (509-475-1741)

Vice-President/Secretary: Chris Coyle (970-963-7210)

Treasurer: Penny Ridley (970-379-4513)

Member: Larry Bogatz (970-993-8990)

Member: Dorothea Farris (970-948-9470)

Member: Liza Ferrier (970 930-6255)

Find Dates and Documents

To see minutes and other current board business, view our public Trello Board.