Minister’s Reflections – January 2015

On June 21, 2015, I will retire. The Board of Trustees graciously offered me another contract, but after completing forty years in the ministry I am ready to enter a new stage of life. I feel very fortunate to be completing my years in the ministry with such a kind congregation as TRUU, and am grateful for the privilege of getting to know you and working with you, your leaders, and staff, Jimmy, and Heather. The Board is starting the process of hiring another contract minister starting in August for the next congregational year.

As we approach this transition, there is good news of an exciting opportunity for the congregation. Jim and Connie Calaway have generously informed us of their intention to give TRUU $100,000 within the next few years. There are no strings attached to this gift, but the Board is considering the possibility of using these funds as a springboard to hire or call a minister that would live in the area starting in September of 2016. The Board will gather information from the Unitarian Universalist Association, solicit member input, and bring options to a vote of the congregation at the Annual Meeting.

I look forward to these next six months with you, and to the prospect of TRUU having a minister who would live in the area and stay with you for a long time. Please feel free to talk with me, congregation President Sue Coyle, or any Board Member, with your questions and suggestions.

As Nicolette Toussaint said, with every transition TRUU has gotten better. I am confident this will continue to be so; I will miss you, and wish you a Happy New Year!

Rev. Stephan Papa