The Two Rivers Unitarian-Universalist (UU) Congregation is highly independent. Like all UU congregations, it elects its own leaders and selects its own minister.

But TRUU shares a common set of values with other UU congregations, but there’s no catechism or rigid dogma. When we “worship”, we draw on the old English roots of that word, “holding of worth”. UUs are encouraged to explore their beliefs, deepening and expanding their spiritual life by discovering what they hold most worthy, most holy.

Our TRUU congregation includes liberal Christians, humanists, Jews, pagans, agnostics and athiests. Here in the heart of the Colorado Rockies, we share a reverence for the land and the “interdependent web of life” of which we are a part.

The videos here were chosen to introduce our denomination, the Unitarian-Universalist Association and our TRUU congregation, as well as to give you a little of the flavor of our music and worship.


Voices of a Liberal Faith: UUs from different religious backgrounds



TRUU’s Minister: What UUs Believe

In this 2022 video, TRUU’s minister, Reverend Aaron Norris discusses what Unitarian-Universalists believe. As you will note from the recording, Rev. Norris’ services are carried over Zoom and Facebook as well as live in the Comunity Room at Third Street Center.



Blue Boat Home: One of our Favorite UU Hymns