Our faith’s seven principles and the values they represent form the core of our religious exploration for children.  One of these principles speaks of the importance of a “free and responsible search for truth and meaning.” We believe that this search for truth begins as soon as a child can think and continues throughout his or her entire lifetime. We support this search, and through religious exploration we give the information necessary to challenge and encourage each person to form their own beliefs and live by their own ethical codes.

Presently, we are not conducting live services during social distancing for Covid-19 social distancing. But during in-person Sunday mornings we typically start out services with everyone. After the Time For All Ages, in which a story is shared, we sing out the children to continue exploring the service theme with their peers. Sometimes we have services for all ages in which we all stay together. We also have the service streaming live and available in our office if caregivers would like to nurse or play with a child while watching the service.

We want your family to know you have options for religious education!

The Seven Principles for Children:

1. Each person is important.
2. Be kind in all you do.
3. We’re free to learn together.
4. We search for what is true.
5. All people need a voice.
6. Build a fair and peaceful world.
7. We care for earth’s lifeboat.